Testing inspection

The technical control of industrial establishments, installations, products, equipment, buildings under construction, infrastructures and processes makes it possible to assess whether their operation or performance is correct or whether they have deficiencies that can be rectified before they become irreversible. Likewise, the monitoring of projects ensures that delivery deadlines are met and that they meet the quality and contractual requirements.

To be sure that your installations and processes are under control, THG offers you the following inspections in the industrial area:

  • NON DESTRUCTIVE TESTING (NDT): Radiographic tests (ASTM/EN), ultrasonic tests (ASTM/EN), checks with magnetic powders (ASTM/EN), Penetrating liquid tests (ASTM/EN) and P.M.I tests.
  • ACOUSTIC EMISSION: Acoustic emission is a phenomenon of energy release in the form of transient elastic waves within a material under stress. Detection and analysis of the signals provides information about anomalies in the stress field, e.g. related to the presence of defects. The detection is performed by a piezoelectric sensor attached to the structure.
  • CERTIFICATION OF WELDERS UNDER ISO 17024: We carry out the certification of people under accreditation 17024 for the qualification of welders, in accordance with different standards, such as EN ISO 9606-1, EN ISO 9606-2 or EN ISO 14732, among others.
  • QUALITY CONTROL IN THE MANUFACTURE OF SUPPLIES: Product and production line inspections allow you to check quality at different stages of the production process. Inspecting your product and production facilities is an effective way to prevent quality problems and supply chain disruptions down the line. Industry 4.0 offers different ways to save money with production monitoring, preventive maintenance of equipment but also real-time quality control. Quality management standards are there to guide you and THG can assist you in the inspection of your production facilities, allowing you to save time and be more productive

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