Our mission

We believe that the only valid way in which our company and employees can fulfil our mission is by performing tasks with utmost care and attention.

We place high emphasis on quality contacts, based on personal accountability and commitment in the same way we work with and for each other and for our partners.

THG guarantees support to its Clients, basing its work on passion, responsibility, integrity, multiculturalism, transparency of its way of operating and innovation, as well as on the strength and development of skills, together with a “Clients Oriented” philosophy, aimed at guaranteeing the protection of the environment and natural habitat for future generations.

Pragmatism and experience are the fundamental pillars that guide our business choices and distinguish us in the eyes of our Clients.

OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE. Our goal is to obtain a reliable and consistent solution for our Clients’ requests, guaranteeing the lowest levels of operational risk and cost, with the aim of creating added value for our Clients.

INTEGRATION. THG guarantees highly effective integrated solutions, through collaboration with all stakeholders involved in the process, with a view to promoting the global circular economy. 

UNIQUE SOLUTION. Building and strengthening our knowledge and our production processes allow us to develop specific customized solutions for our Clients’ requests, which therefore become unique services equipped to meet and exceed client expectations