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If you need a partner who works with you for the supply of specialized personnel, THG is the right choice.

We recruit the best human resources available with effective and proven search criteria. Wherever your projects are located, THG – with its years of solid experience is able to offer cost-effective recruitment solutions, each customized and tailor-made according to your needs. We supply engineers, skilled workers, supervisors, expeditors and administrative staff – in a very short time and in every part of the globe.

With a corporate focus oriented towards Europe, Africa and the Middle and Far East, through all our subsidiaries located in these areas we offer a deep knowledge of the territory and its social fabric providing the best database of specialized, local and expatriate personnel, in order to help you access the best resources available.

Given our experience and our presence in the area, our payment services are of the highest quality and in compliance with the tax obligations in each country where our services are required.

We continuously conduct interviews with experienced Project Services professionals to validate technical and professional skills sets. These individual interviews are input into our Skimming Database, which helps us identify the right candidates for each opportunity.

Our Skimming Database reduces our response time when we receive a client request for candidates, allowing us to provide a shortlist of vetted candidates in 24-48 hours. We pride ourselves on our quick turnaround and sense of urgency.

Our database boasts over 6,500 specialized resources mainly in these sectors:

THG database consists of world class professionals including:

Our technical staffing services include: